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    Reasons I want to get married: I need someone to crack my back but I live on my own. Problem. Ergo, husband needed. 

    Cracking your back does not sound fun at all. You might want to include it in the fine print

  • Late night in library. Should be studying. Yeee

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  • I’m done eating sweets, inshaAllah. From now on my only desserts are going to be fruit. Bismillah

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  • Today I was late for class cuz of a mishap at the parking lot near the bus station. And after going all the way home to drop off my car and get a ride back to the bus, I just sat and thought SubhanAllah what a hardhship. Then It hit me that I had two options. Either 1 be angry at what happened or just pateintly wait and be content with Allah’s decree. Alhamdulillah I chose the later. The bus eventually came and I eventually got to class and I was late (not as late as I thought I’d be tbh) but alhamdulillah my friends save me a spot in the front of the class near the prof. And you know what? That was the best class I’ve been in this whole semester. The prof would ask questions and Id answer them cuz of how close I was to her. I didnt fall asleep. I actually (alhamdulliah) understood what was going on, Alhamdulilah no doubt the patient get their reward in full. 

  • Those outfits you wished you saved for jumuah.

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    Hey guys, this little angel lives in my area and just went through her first round of chemo without her mom by her side because she’s pregnant and can’t be around the radiation. This angel isn’t doing so well so I’m asking to please pray for her. Please reblog to spread this around to get more prayers from everybody. The power of prayer is amazing. Thanks.

    🙏 Prayers to her .

    You got this baby


    Dua’as please

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  • People go to Timmies right now and buy a Pumpkin Spice Tea! It’s soo good! rsvnr

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  • Today in my lab my lab partner and I (who I will from now on call Rman) were working away and some girl from a bench nearby was walking by. She smelled the air and said something smells good. I inhaled and said I didnt smell anything and then guess what? Guess what?! She smelled my chest. Like what the jahanam. Then she’s like “Your shirt smells good. Must be the washer.” Me in my head: “Is this haram? Astaghfirullah. What’s going on?! I probably smell like sweat doe (cuz I was 2 mins late and was freaking out that the TA might call me out).”

    All in all, guys and gals, dont smell ppls chests (especially you, guys). Unless they’re a significant other then by all means smell their feet too.

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    Sheikh Hamza Andreas Tzortzis updated: “I got to know a really nice brother called Abu Maryam. He recently had a daughter which he named Maryam. Maryam however has been diagnosed with a very rare disease. This disease prevents her from swallowing and she can’t move her limbs. She is paralysed from the neck down. Maryam is only a few weeks old and is in intensive care. 

    Abu Maryam’s patience, gratitude, love and positivity really moved me and I asked him if I can see her in hospital. I went to the hospital and saw her. Masha’Allah (in God’s will) she is very cute and a little princess. I was overwhelmed by emotions watching her father speak to her and kiss her while she was sleeping. It made me realise how ungrateful I can be and how trivial my so-called problems are in light of other people’s real problems. 

    Abu Maryam has informed me that Maryam’s condition has worsened and he has asked me to post her picture here (Facebook) and to ask you all to make a sincere supplication and to pray for her. May Allah (or if you’re not a Muslim, God, or simply pray for her)  cure her, grant the family patience and tranquillity in this life and the next.”



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